The Details


Sunday mornings @11am we meet in our main auditorium for our large worship gathering. We are located on the corner of 24th and Valencia St. We celebrate the city on our walls with beautiful graffiti artwork and celebrate the life of Jesus inside together. Our church address is - 1325 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

What To Expect


The first question you will have is where has this church been all of my life? We start with some songs you've probably never heard before but rock! We then have two minutes of awkward greetings and hand shakes. It completely rebounds though with a message of the gospel that will completely shift your paradigm of thinking - at least we hope so. We don't want to oversell anything, but we think you will like it. Come through our doors as casual as you want and leave inspired, loved, and refreshed. 




We do offer child care during our large worship gathering @ 11am. We want parents to have peace of mind and enjoy the service while your kids engage in a safe, fun, Jesus-centered gathering of their own.